The message MTV is sending is a poor one and here’s why


When you’re most popular shows of all time are Jersey Shore and others of similar taste and quality, you’re sending the WRONG message.  Somehow these idiots roll out of a stretch limo and appear to our kids as celebs.  Someone they should look up to.Everyday when I was in my teens I’d tune in to MTV and good ole Carson Daily.  I’d watch him countdown the top songs.  It’d be Soundgarden, Aerosmith, and more.  The classics.

Today you hop on after school and what do you get?  Something “Music Television” related?  Hardly.  Just pure garbage brainwashing our kids into thinking this is the state of music.

Now I’m not saying a little Real World is bad every now and then.  Or even a little “Challenge” action.  It’s entertainment.

And then don’t even get me started on this absolute CLOWN…


It’s the constant airing of this type of junk that turns our youth into couch potatoes that think fist pumping and tanning are top priorities for the day.  We forget that the vast majority of those tuning in ARE NOT old enough to understand that this is entertainment, NOT people to emulate.  It’s sad.

What I would prefer to see just flat out wouldn’t pump the ratings.  Without the ratings, companies like MTV can’t get the advertisers.  And without them, well… I don’t even need to explain.  They can’t pay their bills and we’re left with only VH1 (which is obviously even worse).

So what’s the fix?  Well, if I knew I wouldn’t be here typing this blog post obviously.  I’d be some high powered, wealthy consultant working with the top brands in the world on how they can “get through” to millennials in a new way.

I think MTV is on a downward spiral even with pumping junk through the airways.  Millenials are moving to consuming content via other mediums, primarily via their phones through Meerkat, Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it.  The days of youth sitting in front of the television are long gone EXCEPT if it means gaming.

But gaming is a whole nother discussion.  That seems to still be killing it, and no slowing down there.

So this has turned into a much longer rant then I had intended it to be, but you get my drift by now.  The days of QUALITY are gone.  Today it’s about pageviews, viewing duration, and other metrics that are being gamed just to keep advertisers lining up at the doors.  It’s sad, but this is our world.  THIS is our state of music.  Will you accept it?

– Kenny


Worst shows of all time on MTV

I don’t even know how many shows does MTV have, but I know that 8 out of ten are not great; at least not for me.  We all have seen many bad shows from MTV over the decade; so I am skeptical about the worst shows of all time. After a fair amount of turmoil, I decided to point out the worst shows of all the time on MTV. Have a look.

Laguna Beach

Read the IMDB reviews and you will know how many people hated this show; no, not criticized, literally hated it. According to some people, it is the most painful show they ever watched… OPPS “tried to watch” as one couldn’t continue watching it for more than 10 minutes. The funny as well as the most nettling part is that it was a reality show. Showing teens making out, in any possible way, is the worst concept, which can never be a reality; not even the fantasy (pun intended). In short, it is the worst show of all time.

16 and Pregnant

I burst into a paroxysm of grief as this show is completely un-watchable. The name suggests us that it is about a pregnant underage girl or basically about the trashy kids. I know it is really hard to be a teenage mother, but MTV sort of famed getting pregnant at this age, which is ridiculous. The concept could have been great if they executed and directed everything perfectly. They wanted us to believe that it was a documentary series, which it was not.

I’d literally require my wife or daughter to go watch this show out in the garage.  And if they DID go watch it out there, I’d hope the garage door actually came down and crushed the TV.  That’s just how bad this show actually is!!

Yo Momma

I cannot believe how this serious vociferous, blatant, and a pile of turd show lasted for three seasons. There was never a limit to momma jokes. How can a bunch of folks insult each other like that? There is a thin line between humor and cheapness. One cannot watch these things on Television and that is why most of the people rated it as the worst show of all the time on MTV.


We watch a lot of dating shows these days, but Next is still a pain. Who says next on a date? Really? Not acceptable. This is possibly the most impudent dating show ever, and it  is really painful to watch such reality shows.

Bottom Line

I  have skipped many bad television series in this post like Jersey Shore and my super sweet 16.; however, the above mentioned ones are the most “worstest” shows.

Top Reasons to work with a Music Agent

What is your main responsibility being a band or a musician? To make music, Isn’t it? You cannot concentrate on music if you spend all day trying to book next concert or event. Thus, it is important to work with a music agent, and it is the top reason as well. These people are also known as talent managers; half salesman and half employment agent who knows the corpus of your work and evince all your work to the promoters. It is the music agent’s job to find the work for the band (his clients), by convincing venue managers or club owners that the music band can be fruitful and will be able to generate ticket sales.

Taking Care of Everything

A music agent spends his day in continuous interaction with supervisors, marketers, promoters, managers, groups and artists, booking jobs in advance. A music agent also spends his day routing and scheduling concerts (regional or international). These things are not possible  without a music agent; so this is also a good reason to work with a music agent. However, you must hire a professional who clearly understands how to execute certain things properly and carefully. A music agent should also be pertinent to the band.

A great manager will always get the band out of a bind as well.  The manager will coordinate their flights, bookings, hotels, and even random junk that happens like a flat tire on the tour bus needing repair.  They’ll find the best towing company possible and get the bus back on it’s way!

Reputed Talent Agency

Music agent can either work for a larger talent firm or be freelance agent. It is not easy for new bands to get associated with a larger talent agency; however, working with a music agent who work for a popular talent agency can give you the benefit of being signed by him at a reputed talent agency. Let’s say your music agent works for the popular  “William Morris Agency”, which likewise represents Snoop Dogg and The killers. It is much simpler and less demanding to land an opening spot.

Media Kit

Based on the type of skills he or she is representing, one more responsibility of a music agent is to maintain the portfolio as well as the media kit for his band to be distributed to prospective buyers. A media kit or portfolio includes a CD or a video of the work, media clippings, photos of the band. This thing is also not possible without a music agent. So this is also an important reason to work with a music agent.

Bottom Line

A music agent, booking agent, or talent agent is very essential for the benefit of  the band or an artist, and there are infinite reasons to work with a music agent; it is  a necessity.


Designing Your Music Studio

If playing music is your hobby or your profession, then you must have a music studio in your home. A music room or a studio can be designed in any space; you can even convert your garage space for a music studio.  Many people think that bringing musical instruments to a place can make a musical environment or music studio, which is not true. It is not about putting musical stuff together, you likewise need to consider the style as well as the aesthetics. A music studio design should reflect professionalism, talent, as well as the fun.

Choose the right space

Choose the best room for your music studio, which is spacious and far away from the common sources of noise (birds, plumbing, wind, rain, cars, neighbors, and more. The room should have great flooring; hardwood and concrete are preferred because the music studio will get foot traffic.


Before stepping up to the next level of designing your music studio, you need to think about the acoustics. A music studio must have high ceilings, large room, and asymmetrical walls. Keep in mind that you cannot be a stickler so do not expect perfection. Just look at the space and choose the best option.


You have chosen the room and decided everything; now it is the time for transforming the room. Clear off all the space, start with the floor space. Remove everything from the walls or anything that vibrates. If you are skeptical about removing everything, then just take off things that should be removed. The next step in the transformation is research. Google “Music studio designs” get different design ideas; try to image things at your place. You don’t need an architectural software to set up things, just visualize in your mind and design everything creatively.

Acoustic Treatment and Gear

If you are considering good recording in mind, you should not forget about adding acoustic treatment which includes acoustic panel installation, bass traps, and diffusers. So now you have an empty room with a complete setup of acoustics, it is time to start setting up your gear. If you are using one room for everything, then it requires a mixing area or a desk for the engineer, as well as a recording area for the artists. Divide your room in these two parts and include electronic instruments in your recording area. Desk area should incorporate a simple desk with computer, studio monitors, however you like.

Bottom Line

Think about interiors and experiment with your studio by including and excluding different things until you get the final results.


Best Music Magazines for Passionate Artists

Music magazines are always a great source of useful information related to the music industry. These magazines cover different aspects of the music industry and keep us aware of various issues. Ne albums, latest releases, music charts, bands, awards, artists, singers, lyricists, regional numbers, composers, and a lot more topics are usually covered in top music magazines. Some reputed magazines have websites to allow readers find music information in a digital manner. One can subscribe to these sites and access from anywhere to find the latest news and interviews. If you are a passionate artist who don’t want to miss any music industry updates, then subscribe to the best music magazines. Here is the list of top magazines:


It’s an American music magazine owned by Prometheus Media. You can subscribe to this magazine for detailed coverage of top and well known artists. It is also an expert source of finding featured charts and artists. You can read about various artists and their interviews in this magazine. They likewise host billboard music awards. It is actually the number one source of music information, news, reviews as well as the updates. In fact, it is the one stop shop for passionate artists.

Sound on Sound

This magazine is totally dedicated to music recording offering news, product reviews, recording techniques, various articles, production methods, and so on. Basically, it has everything a passionate artist looks for. Also, it is the best recording technology subscription. If you crave for music technology information, methods, as well as the updates, then this should be your first choice. You can also install “Sound on Sound” application on your mobile device.


This magazine is popular around the globe due to its unique niche; club culture and dance music. You can find news, club guides, electronic music technology as well as the products,  reviews, and many more related content in this magazine. You can likewise access this magazine on your tablet or phone. So basically it is a clubbing as well as electronic dance magazines, which is popular worldwide.

Acoustic Magazine

This magazine is dedicated to acoustic professionals as well as the people who play guitar. However, it is popular around the globe because the audience wants to read about guitar reviews and features. This magazine also provides tutorials on “how to play guitars and different music. In short, you can find everything about guitar in this magazine

Ways to discover new music

Ways to discover music like Spotify

There are plenty of ways to discover new music!



Listening to music is easy; just go to iTunes and start listening to the  from your active playlist. But how can we discover new music? The internet is filled with great music, yet we cannot listen to every song, album, or band. If you are looking for ways to find new music, then you should check out these discovery tools listed below.  Even if you don’t have a car, there are endless ways to find a great artist right from your computer or smart phone.  But if you really don’t have a car, or if you have a car that is broken down, stop being a bum, call a towing company, and get the thing towed and fixed!


As opposed to discovering individual artists and songs, on Mixcloud you will discover radio shows and mixes by amateur and professional DJs. Basically, Mixcloud brings you fresh music, you may never have heard before. Use  genre tags to search the mixes. You can also recommend music to your friends. This tool will definitely give a jovial listening pleasure.


Soundcloud is a popular public domain as well as a temple of music of new artists and music lovers. Here you can easily explore new and upcoming music. You can search “trending music”, audio, or different genre to enjoy new and fresh music. It is one of the most effective ways to discover new music. You can also download its official app for more flexibility.


Bandcamp is a dedicated site to discover new music as well as to support the artists. It is the best way to buy music from new and independent music artists. You can discover new music with the help of different tags, format, recommendations, and genres.


Twitter is not  designed for music connections, but you can always discover new music from it. You just need to follow different artists and keep an eye on who they are following to get their latest tweets. Usually, these new artists post their tracks on twitter so it is very much possible to discover new music on twitter. You can also follow famous and popular artist to get the update on their upcoming tracks.

The Vinyl District

This app allows you to use your smartphone’s GPS to find the closest vinyl record shop. It is a locator app which tells you about local stores. Thus, this is also a good way to find new music; vinyl records.

This site has a huge music directory and many suggestion tools, and it has been around for quite a long time. However, the interface is a bit complicated, but a person who is looking for new music would able handle it.

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of ways to find new music (thanks to the internet), you just need to filter out some particular elements to discover what you exactly want to listen. Keep on exploring until you get the best discovery tool.

Top 5 music trends for 2015

Old Record Player stored in the garage

Head out to your garage and grab your old record player. Vinyl is back!


Year 2015 is almost half ended, but still there is much more to arrive in regards to music trends. Considering the previous trends, we can predict this year’s music trend without any skepticism. So what will come in the music industry? Do you think it will be exactly the same as the previous year? As per the directions of the previous year, we can expect some good trends in this industry. Here are the top five trends as well as the predictions for 2015.

Vinyl Records will Keep on rising in the Level of popularity and acceptance

The vinyl records are coming back as you may already have heard of “Vinyl Revival”.  So head out to your garage and dust off that old player you have out there!  The gramophone record has seen a continual but the usual rise in popularity and acceptance since 2004. Right now, it is really difficult to assume what will happen this year; however, as per the current trends, it will again dominate the music industry. Most of the music companies are able to serve the demand of vinyl niche, and it obviously indicates something positive.



Traditional forms of marketing will fade due to Multichannel Marketing

Nowadays, every single businessman or freelancer is following the trend of social marketing which also includes virtual as well as digital marketing. The same thing is happening in the music industry as most of the artists are concentrating on digital promotions and social activities. Almost every artist contact PR agency to promote his or her work. Therefore, the traditional forms of marketing are not going to work this year. Mutilchannel marketing is practical and it has many benefits such as better management of sales as well as the result, higher revenues, more potential fans, better understand and interaction with customers, and so on.

Music Festivals

While the expense of live streaming is still restricted to the majority of music festivals, there is plenty of interest as well as the curiosity on the fan side; most of the twitter festival hashtags coming from fans taking part remotely. So the fans are interested even remotely; this indicates that we might see festival broadcast through different channels, covering music performances.

Mobile Apps

More mobile apps will develop this year by different music bands as it is the best way to reach out target audience.  So, this is also an upcoming music trend.


Global festival properties have started importing and exporting their big brands to different markets around the globe. The organizers of the ULTRA music festival are planning to make debut in different Asian countries; it is an indication of globalization.

The impact of MTV on the music industry

There was a time when music industry survived only because of MTV’s music videos. In 1940, a trial cooperation between filmmakers and musicians led to movie-shorts regarded as “Soundies”. These movies generally portrayed jazz songs or pop artists singing songs in a studio room or a night club atmosphere. While a couple of folks may remember those movie shorts today, they started the trend of visualization in the music industry. MTV made its debut in 1981; a channel dedicated to showing music videos.  As there were only a few music videos available, the channel depended intensely on promotional videos provided by a few music labels.





The Transformation

As demand for music videos increased, many ambitious filmmakers began collaborating with famous music bands so that they can make attractive and fascinating music videos. MTV was a business brand from the very beginning, but it gave direction to the music industry. Due to MTV, the music industry transformed into glamor industry and merged with Hollywood. Today, we see many different reality shows designed for teenagers on MTV, but it all started from one single music video; Video Killed the radio star by The Buggles.

The Impact

Music videos are intended to catch the basis of an audio performance and translate it visually in a creative manner. This likewise changed the base of music industry; however, the impact was still positive at that point of time because band lovers were enjoying their favorite rock stars on television through MTV. MTV has given a transformation to the music industry, but we cannot forget that MTV also became successful due to the same music industry.  It also killed many major as well as scintillating elements of the music industry; those who were not so talented but appeared on MTV become famous and popular. Even the record sales were spiked for those artists.  Later, both MTV and its rival VH1 forgotten the music video classification for different sorts of programming; reality tv shows, games, etc.

People are now moving away from TV and looking at content on other devices.  There are phones, tablets, and complete in home smart sound systems to help they stay up to date with their favorite shows, stars, and music.  Even the kitchen has seen a surge in smart devices, like even a smart refrigerator.  It’s interesting that even kitchen appliance repair companies are installing smart refrigerators and sound systems into new kitchens, bathrooms, you name it!  People are obsessed with content, devouring it, and that’s the impact that MTV has had on the next generation of the population around the world.  Oh, and if you are one of those people and DO want a appliance installer to help you with a system like this, you should check out my buddy’s company.


The rise of Social Media

YouTube and other social media platforms have changed everything in the music industry. This is the most successful time of music industry as we have more people who appreciate music as well as the artists. Now, an artist can easily share his or her work without paying a penny. Now, any video or music can go viral. The social media’s impact is positive for the music industry, because artists as well as the audience don’t need any marketing or corporate medium to enjoy the essence of music.

Reasons artists sign on with record labels


A recording contract/ record deal or recording, is a contract between a recording artist and record label. Like the majority of other agreements, it is lawfully executed and generally obligates both sides to follow the contract or face legal effects as well as the cancellations of the contract. In common, a contract generally needs the artist to only work with the brand he signed with, so it restricts an artist to work with other labels. The record label usually pays a percentage of profits or a flat sum. Signing on with a reputed as well as a well known record label is a great way to make a successful career in the music industry.

Working with a label is similar in many ways to working with a dedicated resource for home improvement and repairs.  You can think of it almost like when you hire and sign on with a General contractor or a foundation contractor.  The contractor is not in control, for a fee, but they promise you a result that you could not otherwise get on your own.  You usually pay a fixed fee (whereas a label will usually charge a percentage of profits).  In this way, working with a label under a strict contract is very similar to how you work with everyday home improvement contractors.



Bank: The record labels are not making a lot of money these days, but still have more than new artists. Money will not fix all your issues or create you a celebrity, but it can be costly to tour or to quit touring and focus on composing and recording. So this is one of the first reasons artists sign on with record labels.

Distribution: You can put your music anywhere around the sphere of the virtual world; however, a record label is necessary to put your work in music stores. Yes, digital trend is more popular than physical trend, but one should not forget that most of the sales still come from these music stores. Therefore, for distribution, one need to sign with record labels.

Team: You can lead a band, but you cannot lead a team. One of the finest advantages of record labels is that they come with an integrated team. Less work on your part, and you just need to concentrate on your music.

Experience: Who can give you the experience? Of course, a record label. You will also learn some great hidden tactics of the music industry from these record labels. There are a few artists who have launched their own labels, but this also requires experience.

Relationships: Relationship building is a great concept of leadership as well as the management. In workplace activity classes, we learn how to connect with people, but those who are not in this field cannot learn the basics of relationships without joining a professional firm. Yes, big companies suck, but artists sign with them because all the major labels have relationships with agents, producers, managers, and media, that can help artists.

My Favorite sites that cover the music industry

music notes for blog

No.  You will not see or some other crap in this list.  I am talking about REAL coverage.  No need to delay.  Let’s dive right into it…


1.  Wikipedia

Before you even start to discuss the industry, blog about it, tweet about it, or whatever about it, you NEED to understand how it actual works.  Who are the players?  How do the players make money.

Do yourself a big favor and let Wikipedia teach you the basics before reading the next four sources.


2.  Rolling Stone

Hands down the most influential publication in the music space.  If you are into music, you don’t just read their website, you have their app.  You get their magazine.  You maybe even have some of their swag.  They’ve been covering the space without bias and without a hunger for pageviews for decades.


3.  Digital Music News

Let’s face it…. the way we consume music has changed and will continue to change.  In fact, I learned about a cool new app the other day that let’s you connect to radio stations for free and have unlimited skipping.  When you want to stay on top of the newest tech news in the music space this is your source.  Bookmark it.


4.  Billboard

Now before you start flaming me because of their “Top” lists, just hear me out.  Billboard is reputable when it comes to news in the music industry, but I don’t use their lists as a measure of quality.  They lists are filled with garbage music a lot of the time but they do still offer some great content on their site.



Want a little bit more culture in your musical tastes?  Head to music news and get more of a world’s view.  It’s important that as Americans we get out of our own way sometimes and get out of our little bubble.  We get pounded by the same musicians in the media, on the radio, and in the “feeds” that are fed by algos.  Music news can open your eyes to the entire world of music for free.


There you have it.  That’s my “best of” list.   It’s short and sweet, but there aren’t that many reputable people in this space in my opinion so I limited it to five.